A Judges sidearm


The Lawgiver is the specially designed, computer controlled, personal hand weapon of all Judges, and you should never be without it. It is usually kept in the holster incorporated into your Boots, where it is easily accessible from both a standing and sitting position. The Lawgiver is a very advanced weapon which includes its own small computer brain which can help lock on to a target, identify it and it’s range and flash all the relevant infomation up on a data readout on the guns sights.

The Lawgiver is capable of firing six different types of shells, as well as two shell modifiers. Ammunition is carried in two, 2-chamber magazines: the Primary magazine is just in front of the trigger section on the underside of the barrel, and the Auxiliary magazine above and slightly behind the Primary. Each magazine can contain 24 shots, 12 in each chamber. Thus a judge would normally have access to 4 out of the 6 ammunition types at any given time.

The different types of shell, along with their varying uses and effects are detailed Here, and a Judge will likely develop his own preference for ammunition combinations, with only a single restriction; at least half of the ammunition carried upon his person must be General Purpose.

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